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Sabtu, 27 Juli 2013

Paramore perform live at MTV

Yesterday, Paramore's Hayley Williams told MTV News that the band's upcoming North American tour would be "the one that changed the game for us."
Paramore"We always want to outdo whatever we've already done ... this is a tour that we've been dreaming of for a little while, and we're really excited to make it happen," she said. "We're going to put in a lot of work to make the show fill up these venues and be really special."
In part, that means Paramore are tweaking their setlist and upping their production values — something bassist Jeremy Davis is handling — though they're not stopping there. Williams and her bandmates also hand-picked the acts that will open for them on the "Self-Titled Tour," tapping iconic Canadian outfit Metric and ebullient pop-rockers Hellogoodbye to join them on the bill.
And, as you can probably guess, Paramore didn't take those decisions lightly. On a tour this huge — and this important — they went with bands that can not only fill a room, but make the kind of music that inspires them on a personal level.
"It just sort of depends on the atmosphere we want to create. Our new album represents a lot of things to us but most of all, movement," Williams said. "Whether that means moving forward, moving on, or just moving your body, it's all about liberating yourself and becoming a freer version of who you've always been. So the bands that we are bringing are bands that we feel represent those kind of things too.
"Metric makes the kind of music that makes you go ... 'I feel infinite!'" And Hellogoodbye have always made music that feels celebratory and meaningful," she continued. "Their new album will be coming out in the fall and I'm listening to it right now. It's going to make a lot of people pretty damn happy!"
Paramore's "Self-Titled Tour" kicks off October 15 at the Key Arena in Seattle.

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